Frequently Asked Question?

Q: Am I allowed to renew the book I borrowed? How many times can I renew it?

A: If nobody has reserved the book you can renew it for another 2 weeks. You are allowed to renew the book only once and wait for a week to renew it if there is no demand for it.

Q: Can I photocopy the thesis?

A: Theses and dissertations may not be reproduced by any means e.g. digital camera, photocopying, scanning, etc. unless the creator signed a waiver to allow reproduction of his work.

Q: If I want to visit non-U.P. Libraries, what shall I do?

A: Request a referral letter from the Librarian’s Office.

Q: How can I reserve a book which is on loan?

A: A book which is on loan can be reserved online. Log in iLib Online Catalog. Search the title of the book you want to reserve. Click “Reserve”. The book will be automatically reserved to you. You will receive an email when the book is returned.

Q: How would I access my e library card?

A: Log in iLib. Use the feature My Library – E Library Card.

Q: Can I take out children’s books from the library?

A: Only students enrolled in Reading classes are allowed to take out from the Library the children’s books.

Q: Can I access the Proquest outside of the Diliman campus?

A: Yes, get your personal password from the Entrance-Exit desk.

Q: Who has access to Education Source database off-campus?

A: Only currently enrolled College of Education students, faculty, and staff have access to Education Source outside of the Diliman campus. This is due to our contractual agreement with EBSCO. Students and faculty from other colleges may use the database in the library only.

Q: If I am enrolled for residency only without library fee, can I have my I.D. countersigned?

A: No, because a countersigned I.D. means you have a library privilege.

Q: If I am enrolled for residency only without library fee, can I borrow books?

A: No, you do not have borrowing privilege.

Q: If I am enrolled for residency only without library fee, can  I be given a password in order to use the e-resources outside of the Diliman campus?

A: Only students who pay the library fee can avail of remote access account to e-resources. This is because subscription fees of online databases are taken from library fees.

How Do I...



  • Get a student ID from the Office of the University Registrar
  • Pay Php130 for the ID card
  • Have your picture taken or make appointment for picture taking
  • Present permanent ID and Form 5 (registration slip) to College Library for issuance of ID sticker for the current semester/summer)
  • If permanent ID is not yet ready, present to the Library the following:
    • Form 5
    • Official receipt for ID
    • 1×1 photo

The Library will give you a temporary ID card


  • After the permanent ID is secured:
    • Go back to the Library and have your ID countersigned for the current semester/summer
    • Surrender your temporary ID card. No permanent ID card will be countersigned if the temporary card is not surrendered


  • ·On the book card, clearly write your full name, your college and student number. The book card is found on the inside back cover of the book
  • ·Bring books to the Circulation Counter located near the entrance/exit of the Library for proper charging out
  • ·Ask for a receipt of the books you are taking out
  • ·Check the receipt if it tallies with the books
  • ·Take note of the due date found on the date due slip on the inside back cover of the book
  • ·Present books for inspection at the exit door when leaving the Library


  • Return all books at the Circulation Counter
  • Get a receipt of all books you returned
  • Double check if all books you returned are printed on the receipt
  • If the book is overdue, pay the corresponding fine
  • Keep the book receipt for future reference


  • ·Access
  • ·Enter username  & password
  • ·Search the title of the book
  • ·When record is displayed, move the cursor on the “ON LOAN” copy
  • ·Click the word “RESERVE”
  • ·Click “OK” to reserve the book
  • ·Log out from iLib
  • ·Wait for the iLib system email in your UP Webmail when the book is available for loan


  • Request book at the Reserve Counter at Rm. 301
  • Give the author & title of the book
  • Clearly write on the book card your name, college and student number
  • If it is for room use only, give your ID to the student assistant
  • If it is for overnight use, sign the book card and fill-out the “Reserve Charge Slip”. You may borrow one book only
  • Give book card and reserve charge slip only to the student assistant
  • Return the book not later than 9:00 a.m. the next school day
  • You may reserve the book for overnight use by filling-out the reservation slip


  • Request material at the Reserve Counter at Rm. 301
  • Fill-out the Vertical File/DepEd Memoranda/Newspaper Clippings Charge Slip
  • Specify the total number of materials borrowed
  • Give your ID to the student assistant
  • Materials cannot be taken out of the Library


  • Request journal at the Reserve Desk
  • Fill-out “Periodical Call Slip”. Indicate the exact title of the journal, date, vol. no. and issue no.
  • Give periodical call slip and ID to the student assistant

Visit Other Libraries

Request for  a referral letter from the Circulation Desk

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