Teaching in the Early Grades


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Summary:     This major reference work will break new ground as an electronic resource for students, educators, researchers and professionals. Encyclopedic in breath Child Behavior and Development will serve as a reference repository of knowledge in the field as well as a frequently updated conduit of new knowledge long before such information trickles down from research to standard textbooks. Child Behavior and Development will consist of three volumes divided by the major conceptual areas of child development: Learning, Behavior, and Emotions. Taking advantage of the techniques offered by the electronic medium, Child Behavior and Development will offer an extensive cross referencing system facilitating search and retrieval of information.




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Summary:       This handbook focuses on examining historical, current and future research issues in play and learning scholarship. It is organized into three sections which consider: theoretical and philosophical perspectives on play and learning play in pedagogy, curriculum and assessment and play contexts.


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Summary:       "Written expressly for early childhood educators, and those who support their professional development, this handbook distills essential knowledge about how to help all PreK-3 learners succeed. Leading experts describe doable ways to create effective learning environments and implement instructional practices with a strong evidence base. Engaging vignettes illustrate discussions of such topics as differentiated instruction, response to intervention, the Common Core standards, social and emotional learning, assessment, and teaching across the curriculum. Each chapter links cutting-edge research to practical applications, examples, and professional development activities."


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Summary:   “Provides a comprehensive overview of important contemporary issues and the information necessary to make judgments about these issues. Organized into four parts, this book makes the expanding knowledge base related to early childhood education accessible. It is a useful tool for all who work and study in the field”.




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Summary:     “Suitable for researchers, graduate students, and clinicians interested in cognitive development, language development, and memory, as well as those developmental psychologists interested in various aspects of development, this book describes bilingualism, categorization skills, learning disabilities, reasoning, and speech development”.




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Summary:     “A no-nonsense handbook that contains an alphabetically arranged directory of pre-schools in Metro Manila, a description of each pre-school according to each location, tuition, teaching philosophy, curriculum, teahers' qualifications, security measures and facilities. It also features a section on special children, an easy-to-understand discussion on early childhood education teaching methods, and tips on choosing pre-schools and on preparing your child for the first day of school”.


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