Educational Philosophy


     Apple, M. W., Au, W. & Gandin, L. A. (Eds.). (2009).     The Routledge international handbook of critical education. New York : Routledge.

       LC 196 R68 2009

Summary:     "The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Education" is the first authoritative reference work to provide an international analysis of the relationship between power, knowledge, education, and schooling. Rather than focusing solely on questions of how we teach efficiently and effectively, contributors to this volume push further to also think critically about education's relationship to economic, political, and cultural power. The various sections of this book integrate into their analyses the conceptual, political, pedagogic, and practical histories, tensions, and resources that have established critical education as one of the most vital and growing movements within the field of education, including topics such as: social movements and pedagogic work critical research methods for critical education the politics of practice and the recreation of theory the freirian legacy. With a comprehensive introduction by Michael W. Apple, Wayne Au, and Luis Armando Gandin, along with thirty-five newly-commissioned pieces by some of the most prestigious education scholars in the world, this Handbook provides the definitive statement on the state of critical education and on its possibilities for the future”.


   Nucci, L. P. & Narvaez, D. (Eds.).   (2008). Handbook of moral and character education. New York : Routledge.

       LC 268 H26 2008

Summary:     “There is widespread agreement that schools should contribute to students’ moral development and character formation. Currently 80% of states have mandates regarding character education. This apparent support for moral education, however, masks a high degree of controversy surrounding the meaning and the methods of moral and/or character education. The purpose of this Handbook is to replace the ideological rhetoric that infects this field with a comprehensive, research-oriented volume that includes the extensive changes that have occurred over the last fifteen years. Coverage includes the latest applications of developmental and cognitive psychology to moral and character education from preschool to college settings”.


    Winch, C. & Gingell, J. (2008).   Philosophy of education: the key concepts. (2nd ed.). London : Routledge.

     LB 15 W55 2008

Summary:     “Summarizes the key terms, ideas and issues central to the study of educational theory. This book is cross-referenced and contains pointers to further reading, as well as entries on such topics as: Citizenship and Civic Education; Liberalism; Capability; Well-being; Patriotism; Globalisation; Open-mindedness; Creationism; and, Intelligent Design”.

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