Education (General)



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Summary:     “Ideal for professional educationalists and general readers alike, this book covers comprehensive list of education related terms. It covers articles from an international array of education scholars on every level of the educational experience, addressing the institution, administrator, teacher and student, as well as historical figures, philosophies, policies and outcomes. Entries include bibliographies also. There is comprehensive coverage of every level of education and also includes statistical data. This new encyclopaedia integrates all of the diverse approaches that have gone into the making of the modern field of education. It is unique among available reference works in that it covers the most recent topics of research and interest, combines the features of an encyclopaedia and a dictionary, presents key theoretical terms, including overviews of important topics and points of view in the subject”.


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Summary:       This little book of comic quotations delves into the archives of history, literature, silver screen and popular culture and contains a hilarious collection of outrageous, cynical and just plain insulting quotes from the world's sharpest wits. Including quotes from Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Mae West, Dr Spooner, Oscar Wilde, Laurel & Hardy, W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Winston Churchill, Monty Python, Les Dawson and many more, Humorous Quotations contains amusing material to impress or distress any social occasion. This book includes the greatest newspaper headlines ever, such as New York Post's 'Headless Body in Topless Bar'.




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Summary:     "The A-Z of Learning is packed with facts, expert techniques, practical tips and traps to avoid. Extensively researched and covering all the major educational issues, it is a quick, jargon-free solution to the information overload that confronts teachers." "This no-nonsense guide is an essential resource for anyone involved in education, from newly qualified and trainee teachers to seasoned professionals. It provides simple answers to all your questions and unravels much of the confusing and contradictory information available."--BOOK JACKET.


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Summary:   ‘The Routledge International Companion to Education addresses the key issues underpinning the rethinking and restructuring of education at the beginning of the new millennium. The volume contains over fifty major contributions exploring a wide range of issues, including:
* philosophy of education
* the economics and resourcing of education
* testing and assessment: current issues and future prospects
* standards
* multiculturalism
* anti-racism
* computers in classrooms
* mother tongue education
* civics and moral education.
Each chapter gives a contemporary account of developments in the field, and looks to the future and the directions that new activity and inquiry are likely to take. All the chapters are written from an international perspective‘  




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Summary:     Edited by Ramon P. Santos, the Dictionary of Filipino Musical Terms addresses the need for a comprehensive reference to words, terms and meanings on Filipino music, musical concepts, and other aspects related to music production, materials, performance, theory, education, as well as activities where sound expression is manifest and is part of. It contains terms derived from the principal Filipino languages, and those borrowed, adopted, and transformed from other languages which have come to be employed in the context of music and music making, as well as colloquial terms that are now in use by musicians in contemporary musical productions and performances.



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Summary:     “The wisdom of the most widely recognized and leading educators at your fingertips! How many times have you wished for the right words to inspire, persuade, or challenge your peers, your students, or even yourself? Enhance your speeches, proposals, and presentations - and enrich your days - with this unique collection of thoughts from widely recognized leaders in educational theory and practice."400 Quotable Quotes From the World's Leading Educators" is a showcase of thoughts on important education issues by groundbreakers such as Dewey, Montessori, and Bloom as well as contemporary educators like Fullan, Glasser, and Lambert. You'll be sure to find a wealth of subjects, indexed under dozens of pertinent headings. Included are: inspirational quotes to apply to any project or to deliver to any audience; new perspectives and fresh takes on old issues; deep thoughts to prompt reexamination of common challenges; and, insight from the icons of education to stimulate new ideas and understanding. With the words of the world's leading educators at your fingertips, you'll maximize your reflection time while passing along a bit of wisdom of your own”.


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Summary:   “Leon Spreyer draws upon his 27 years of teaching experience to provide student teachers and new teachers with practical information that isn't always taught in teacher education courses. He includes games, book recommendations, specific lesson plans and straightforward, humorous advice on all aspects of teaching. The book covers 82 essential topics (including cooperative learning, communicating with parents, staff meetings, testing, portfolios, and many more) in a reader-friendly style, with easy-to-follow lists, examples, and suggested resources”.


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