Call Number Title Author Publisher Date
LA 1291 A6 A history of education in the Philippines, 1565-1930 Alzona, E. University of the Philippines Press 1932
LA 1291 C67 Explorations in the Theory and Practice of Philippine Education 1965-1993 Cortes, J. University of the Philippines Press 1993
HD 72 P55 2000 Philippine Human Development Report Human Development Network Philippines Human Development Network 2000
HD 4904.7 I48 If We’re So Smart, Why Aren’t We Rich?: Essays on Education and Economic Success Balisacan, Arsenio M., Congressional Oversight Committee on Education, Congress of the Republic of the Philippines 1995
LA 1291 H57 Historical, Philosophical and Legal Foundations of Education: Basic Foundations of Education II Lacuesta, M. Philippine Association for Teacher Education 1986
LB 2822.75 P45 Making Education Work: An Agenda for Reform Congress of the Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Republic of the Philippines 1991
LB 2822.75 P44 Philippine Education: Promise and Performance Manalang, P. (ed.) University of the Philippines Press and Center for Integrative and Development Studies 1990
LA 1292 P525 Philippine Agenda for Educational Reform: The PCER Report Presidential Commission on Education Reform PCER 2000
LA 1292 V35 2012 The nation’s journey to greatness: looking beyond five decades of Philippine education Valisno, M. Fund for Assistance to Private Education 2012
KF 5624.31 E2 P54 Presidential decrees on teachers, education, culture and related subjects with Magna Carta for public school teachers and implementing regulations, code of ethics for public school teachers, latest presidential and administrative issuance NBS Editorial Staff National Book Store 1977
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