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EDUC 100

Call Number Title Author Publisher Date
LA 1291 A6 A history of education in the Philippines, 1565-1930 Alzona, E. University of the Philippines Press 1932
LA 1291 C67 Explorations in the Theory and Practice of Philippine Education 1965-1993 Cortes, J. University of the Philippines Press 1993
HD 72 P55 2000 Philippine Human Development Report Human Development Network Philippines Human Development Network 2000
HD 4904.7 I48 If We’re So Smart, Why Aren’t We Rich?: Essays on Education and Economic Success Balisacan, Arsenio M., Congressional Oversight Committee on Education, Congress of the Republic of the Philippines 1995
LA 1291 H57 Historical, Philosophical and Legal Foundations of Education: Basic Foundations of Education II Lacuesta, M. Philippine Association for Teacher Education 1986
LB 2822.75 P45 Making Education Work: An Agenda for Reform Congress of the Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Republic of the Philippines 1991
LB 2822.75 P44 Philippine Education: Promise and Performance Manalang, P. (ed.) University of the Philippines Press and Center for Integrative and Development Studies 1990
LA 1292 P525 Philippine Agenda for Educational Reform: The PCER Report Presidential Commission on Education Reform PCER 2000
LA 1292 V35 2012 The nation’s journey to greatness: looking beyond five decades of Philippine education Valisno, M. Fund for Assistance to Private Education 2012
KF 5624.31 E2 P54 Presidential decrees on teachers, education, culture and related subjects with Magna Carta for public school teachers and implementing regulations, code of ethics for public school teachers, latest presidential and administrative issuance NBS Editorial Staff National Book Store 1977

EDUC 180

Call Number Title Author Publisher Date
RC 480.5 B45 2009 Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision Bernard, J. Pearson 2009
LC 4031 D48 2005 Consultation, Collaboration and Teamwork for Students with Special Needs Dettmer, P. Pearson/Allyn and Bacon 2005
LC 3987 P5 S53 2008 Shadow Teaching Special Children in the Regular Circulation School: Concepts, Guidelines and Strategies: A Manual for Shadow Teachers Dizon, E.   2008
LC 3987 P5 F76 2000 From Segregation to Integration: Mainstreaming/Inclusion of the Children with Special Needs in the Regular Circulation Class Dizon, E.   2000
LC 1099.3 G37 Strategies and Resources for Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms Gardner, P. D. Fulton 2002
RJ 505 B4 D58 2009 Behavior Coaching Youth with Special Needs: Rationale, Concepts, Guidelines and Therapeutic Strategies Dizon, E. UP Special Education Area 2009
LC 3981 F75 2006 Including Students with Special Needs: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers Friend, M. Pearson/Allyn and Bacon 2006
LB 3013 G63 Understanding and Managing Children’s Classroom Behavior Goldstein, S. John Wiley & Sons 1995
LC 4019 H33 Differentiating Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms: The Special Educator’s Guide Haager, D. Pearson/Allyn and Bacon 2005
LB 1060.2 M33 2004 Behavior Management: From Theoretical Implications to Practical Applications Maag, J. Thomson/Wadsworth 2004
LG 995 2007 E36 M36 The Shadow Teaching Scheme for Children with Autism and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder in Regular Circulation Classroom Manansala, M.   2007
LB 2157 A3 M3 A Study of Student Teacher’s Role Perception Before and After Student Teaching Marquez, J.   1964
LC 3981 R54 2006 How to Reach and Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom: Practical Strategies, Lessons, and Activities Rief, S. Jossey-Bass 2006
LB 1027 W25 2004 Behavior Management: A Practical Approach for Educators Walker, J. Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall 2004
LB 1060.2 W54 1995 Behavior Management in the Schools: Principles and Procedures Wielkiewicz, R. Allyn and Bacon 1995
LB 1060.2 Z57 2008 Behavior Management: Applications for Teachers Zirpoli, T. Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall 2008

EDUC 292

Call Number Title Author Publisher Date
LB 1570 E495 1988 The school curriculum Ellis, A.K. Boston: Allyn & Bacon 1988
LB 1570 H37 2006 Curriculum planning : a contemporary approach. (8th edition) Hass, G. Boston: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon 2006
LB 1570 M37 2007 Curriculum : alternative approaches, ongoing issues (4th edition)

Marsh, C.J.;

Wills, G.

N.J.: Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall 2007
LB 2806.15 O45 2013 Developing the curriculum (8th edition) Oliva, P.F. Boston: Pearson 2013
LB 1570 C77 2011 Contemporary issues in curriculum (5th edition)

Ornstein, A.C.;

Pajak, E.F.;
Ornstein, S.B.

Boston: Pearson 2011
LB 2806.15 O76 2013 Curriculum : foundations, principles, and issues (6th edition) Ornstein, A.C. Boston: Pearson 2013
LB 1570 P64 Curriculum, design, and development. Pratt, D. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1980
HF 5549.5 T7 R65 2008 Mastering the instructional design process : a systematic approach (4th edition) Rothwell, W.J. San Francisco, California: Pfeiffer 2008
LB 1570 S29 Curriculum planning for better teaching and learning Saylor, J.G. New York: Rinehart 1954
LB 1570 W55 2007 Curriculum development : a guide to practice (7th edition)

Wiles, J.;

Bondi, J.

N.J.: Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall 2007

EDAD 222

Call Number Title Author Publisher Date
LB 1738.5 C86 2013 Educational leadership : a bridge to improved practice Cordeiro, P. A. USA: Pearson 2013
LB 2805 H68 2008 Educational administration : theory, research, and practice Hoy, W.;
Miskel, C.
USA: McGraw-Hill 2008
LB 2805 M28 2005 School leadership that works : from research to results Marzano, R. J.;
Waters, T.;
McNulty, B. A.
Alexandria, VA: ASCD 2005
HM 1261 N67 2013 Leadership : theory and practice. 6th Edition Northouse, P. G. Thousands Oaks, CA; SAGE 2013
LB 2806 O95 2012 Leadership and organizational behavior in education : theory into practice Owings, W. A.;
Kaplan, L. S.
Pearson 2012
HM 141 Y84 2010 Leadership in organizations, 7th edition Yukl, G. A. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall 2010

EDAD 223

Call Number Title Author Publisher Date
HD 66 C34 2007 Effective groups: concepts and skills to meet leadership challenges Cannon, M.; Griffith, B.; Guthrie, J. Pearson/A & B 2007
LC 71.2 C68 2000 The schooling practices that matter most Cotton, K. Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory 2000
LC 212.8 C74 2013 Creating safe and supportive learning environments: a guide for working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and families Fisher, E.; Hawkins, K. (ed.) Routledge 2013
NA 6600 D48 2010 Design for education Gensler, A. Gensler Publications 2010
LB 1570 G56 2012 Curriculum leadership: strategies for development and implementation Glatthorn, A. Sage 2012
LB 2806.4 G55 2013 The basic guide to supervision and instructional leadership Gordon, J.; Gordon, S.; Glickman, C.D. Pearson 2013
LB 1731 G67 2004 Professional development for school improvement: empowering learning communities Gordon, S. Pearson/A and B 2004
LB 2805 H67 2013 Instructional leadership: a research-based guide to learning in schools Hoy, A.; Hoy, W. Pearson 2013
LB 2805 H68 2008 Educational administration: theory and practice Hoy, W. ; Miskel, C. McGraw-Hill Higher Education 2008
BF 637 L4 N35 2009 The art and science of leadership Nahavandi, A. Pearson Prentice Hall 2009
LB 2805 M28 2005 School leadership that works: from research to results Marzano, R.; McNulty, B.; Waters, T. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 2005
LB 2831.926 C2 P75 2012 The principal as leader of the equitable school Ontario Principal’s Council Corwin 2012
LB 2806 O95 2012 Leadership and organizational behavior in education: theory into practice Owings, W.; Kaplan, L. Pearson 2012
LB 1028.43 P53 2011 Educational leadership and planning for technology Picciano, A.G. Pearson 2011
LB 2831.5 R415 2012 The essentials of human resources administration in education Rebore, R. Pearson 2012
LB 2805 S5785 2012 Essential skills for effective leadership Siccone, F. Pearson 2012
LB 2806.4 S85 2013 Supervision that improves teaching and learning: strategies and techniques Sullivan, S.; Glanz, J. Corwin 2013
LB 2831.9 Q53 2005 The Quick Reference Handbook for School Leaders: A Practical Guide for Principals Corwin Press 2005
The value of evaluation [electronic resource] : making training evaluations more effective ASTD Reseach and I4CP 2009
Leadership development basics [electronic resource] Lawson, K. ASTD Press: Virginia, USA 2008
Creating training manuals [electronic resource] Patrick, J. ASTD Press: Virginia, USA 2009
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