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Noynoy triumph of a peoples campaign

Noynoy : triumph of a people's campaign

by Wilfrido V. Villacorta

 callnumbericon Fil JQ 1418 V55 2011       ED-59686

Language: English  

Publisher: Manila : Anvil Publishing, [2011]

Summary:     The book chronicles the spontaneous movement that swept Benigno Noynoy Aquino III to the forefront of the latest wave of People Power. It is a collective memoir of those involved in the movement for reform—members of the academe, fellow Cory Veterans, community organizers and former street parliamentarians.


Social studies for the twenty first century methods and materials for teaching in middle and secondary schools

Social studies for the twenty-first century methods and materials for teaching in middle and secondary schools

by Jack Zevin

 callnumbericon H 62.5 U5 Z48 2015       ED-61667

Edition: 4th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: New York Routledge 2015

Summary:     Now in its 4th edition, this popular text offers practical, interesting, exciting ways to teach social studies and a multitude of instructional and professional resources for teachers. Theory, curriculum, methods, and assessment are woven into a comprehensive model for setting objectives; planning lessons, units, and courses; choosing classroom strategies; and constructing tests for some of the field's most popular and enduring programs. The reflective and integrative framework emphasizes building imagination, insight, and critical thinking into everyday classrooms; encourages problem-solving attitudes and behavior; and provokes analysis, reflection, and debate. The text includes separate chapters on teaching each of the major areas of the social studies curriculum. Throughout the text, all aspects of curriculum and instruction are viewed from a tripartite perspective that divides social studies instruction into didactic (factual), reflective (analytical), and affective (judgmental) components. These three components are seen as supporting one another, building the groundwork for taking stands on issues, past and present. At the center is the author's belief that the heart and soul of social studies instruction, perhaps all teaching, lies in stimulating the production of ideas; looking at knowledge from others' viewpoints; and formulating for oneself a set of goals, values, and beliefs that can be explained and justified in open discussion.


Social studies today research and practice

Social studies today : research and practice

by Walter Parker

 callnumbericon H 62 S752 2015       ED-61668

Edition: 2nd ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: New York : Routledge, 2015

Summary:     Social Studies Today will help educators-teachers, curriculum specialists, and researchers-think deeply about contemporary social studies education. More than simply learning about key topics, this collection invites readers to think through some of the most relevant, dynamic, and challenging questions animating social studies education today. With 12 new chapters highlighting recent developments in the field, the second edition features the work of major scholars such as James Banks, Diana Hess, Joel Westheimer, Meira Levinson, Sam Wineburg, Beth Rubin, Keith Barton, Margaret Crocco, and more. Each chapter tackles a specific question on issues such as the difficulties of teaching historical thinking in the classroom, responding to high-stakes testing, teaching patriotism, judging the credibility of Internet sources, and teaching with film and geospatial technologies. Accessible, compelling, and practical, these chapters-full of rich examples and illustrations-showcase some of the most original thinking in the field, and offer pre- and in-service teachers alike a panoramic window on social studies curricula and instruction and new ways to improve them.

Taking sides clashing views on social issues

Taking sides : clashing views on social issues

by Kurt Finsterbusch

 callnumbericon HN 59.2 T35 2014     ED-61845

Edition: 18th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: [New York] : McGraw-Hill Education Create, [2014]

Summary:     This book contains selections presented in a pro and con format. A variety of different controversial social issues are debated. The sociologist, political scientists, economist, and social critics whose views are debated here make their cases vigorously. In order to effectively read each selection, analyze the points raised, and debate the basic assumptions and values of each position, or, in other words, in order to think critically about what you are reading, you will first have to give each side a sympathetic hearing. – Preface

Understanding conflict resolution

Understanding conflict resolution

by Peter Wallensteen

 callnumbericon KZ 6010 W35 2015       ED-61701

Edition: 4th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE, [2015]

Summary:     This book provides you with the perfect introduction to your studies in peace and conflict resolution and equips you with the tools you need to analyse real-world cases. Drawing on recent research and examples from around the world, the new edition: *Explores the ongoing situation in Syria and the events and repercussions of the Arab Spring *Examines the issue of internet security and the relationship between social media and peace *Draws on the cases of Libya and Syria to discuss the principle of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) *Outlines the functions of key regional and Non-Governmental organisations *Includes a companion website with annotated further reading lists, and links to free SAGE journal articles, reports and data sets This is an essential text for all students, lecturers and researchers of peace and conflict resolution in international relations, global politics and political science.


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