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Child migration human rights in a global age

Child migration & human rights in a global age

by Jacqueline Bhabha

 callnumbericon JV 6344 B43 2014       Ed-61735

Language: English  

Publisher: Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2014]

Summary:     Why, despite massive public concern, is child trafficking on the rise? Why are unaccompanied migrant children living on the streets and routinely threatened with deportation to their countries of origin? Why do so many young refugees of war-ravaged and failed states end up warehoused in camps, victimized by the sex trade, or enlisted as child soldiers? This book provides the first comprehensive account of the widespread but neglected global phenomenon of child migration, exploring the complex challenges facing children and adolescents who move to join their families, those who are moved to be exploited, and those who move simply to survive. Spanning several continents and drawing on the stories of young migrants, Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age provides a comprehensive account of the widespread and growing but neglected global phenomenon of child migration and child trafficking. It looks at the often-insurmountable obstacles we place in the paths of adolescents fleeing war, exploitation, or destitution; the contradictory elements in our approach to international adoption; and the limited support we give to young people brutalized as child soldiers. Part history, part in-depth legal and political analysis, this powerful book challenges the prevailing wisdom that widespread protection failures are caused by our lack of awareness of the problems these children face, arguing instead that our societies have a deep-seated ambivalence to migrant children--one we need to address head-on. Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age offers a road map for doing just that, and makes a compelling and courageous case for an international ethics of children's human rights.

Countries and concepts politics geography culture

Countries and concepts : politics, geography, culture

by Michael G. Roskin

 callnumbericon JF 51 R57 2013       Ed-61617

Edition: 12th international ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Boston : Pearson Education, [2013]

Summary:     Updated in its 12th edition, Countries and Concepts systematically examines politics from around the world and presents eleven accessible and in-depth studies of Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, and Iran. This text looks at similarities and differences in five key areas of each country to facilitate comparative analysis, defining important concepts and integrating examples from current events throughout. Highly readable and thought-provoking, Countries and Concepts introduces readers to the politics and governments of the world and bolsters their civic education by considering the historical, political, economic, geographical, and moral aspects of democracy.

Gramsci space nature politics

Gramsci : space, nature, politics

by Michael Ekers; et al

 callnumbericon HX 288 G7 G74 2013       ED-61637

Language: English  

Publisher: Chichester, West Sussex, UK : John Wiley & Sons, 2013

Summary:     This unique collection is the first to bring attention to Antonio Gramsci’s work within geographical debates. Presenting a substantially different reading to Gramsci scholarship, the collection forges a new approach within human geography, environmental studies and development theory. * Offers the first sustained attempt to foreground Antonio Gramsci’s work within geographical debates * Demonstrates how Gramsci articulates a rich spatial sensibility whilst developing a distinctive approach to geographical questions * Presents a substantially different reading of Gramsci from dominant post-Marxist perspectives, as well as more recent anarchist and post-anarchist critiques * Builds on the emergence of Gramsci scholarship in recent years, taking this forward through studies across multiple continents, and asking how his writings might engage with and animate political movements today * Forges a new approach within human geography, environmental studies and development theory, building on Gramsci’s innovative philosophy of praxis.


History of Asia

History of Asia

by Rhoads Murphey

 callnumbericon DS 33 M87 2009       Ed-61606

Edition: 6th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: New York : PearsonLongman, ©2009

Summary:     A History of Asia is the only text to cover the area known as "monsoon Asia"--India, China, Southeast Asia, Korea, and Japan--from the earliest of times to the present. Written by leading scholar Rhoads Murphey, the book's extensive analysis integrates the complex and diverse political, social, intellectual, and economic histories of this area with an engaging and lively style of writing. Popular because of its scope and coverage, as well as its illustrations, maps, and many boxed primary sources, the new edition of A History of Asia continues as a leader in the field of Asian history.

Human Geography landscapes of human activities

Human geography : landscapes of human activities

by Jerome D. Fellman

 callnumbericon GF 41 F44 2013       Ed-61642

Edition: 12th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: New York : Mcgraw-Hill, [2013]

Summary:     This twelfth edition of Human Geography retains the organization and structure of its earlier versions. Like them, it seeks to introduce its users to the scope and excitement of geography and its relevance to their daily lives and roles as informed citizens. We recognize that for any students, human geography may be their first or only work in geography and this, their first or only textbook in the discipline. For these students particularly, we seek to convey the richness and breadth of human geography and to give insight into the nature and intellectual challenges of the field of geography itself.

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