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Sociology for health professionals

Sociology for health professionals

by Lani Russell

callnumbericon RA 418 R87 2014       ED-61836

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE, 2014

Summary:     Sociology is a key topic for all trainee health professionals, but many struggle to see what sociology has to offer. Based on years of experience teaching sociology to healthcare students, Lani Russell has written a truly introductory text which explains the main sociological concepts without jargon or becoming too advanced. Using carefully chosen examples, she shows how health issues are influenced by social phenomena such as class, race or sexuality and the relevance this has for practitioners. The book includes: -The main sociological concepts relevant to healthcare students -Examples linking sociological concepts and major health topics -Exercises to test students' understanding -Glossaries of key terms and key theorists -Advice on further reading -A full companion website with teaching materials for lecturers and learning resources for students This is the ideal text to recommend to students who need an accessible introduction to the sociology of health and illness.

Social work practice for promoting health and wellbeing critical issues

Social work practice for promoting health and wellbeing : critical issues

by Liz Beddoe; Jane Maidment

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Language: English  

Publisher: London : Routledge, 2014

Summary:     Promoting health and wellbeing is an essential part of all effective social work. The IFSW holds that social workers in all settings are engaged in health work and physical and mental resilience can make a major difference to all service users' lives. Drawing on international literature and research, the authors collected here encourage thinking about the social, political, cultural, emotional, spiritual, economic and spatial aspects of health and wellbeing, and how they impact on the unique strengths and challenges of working with particular populations and communities. Divided into three parts, the first section outlines the major theoretical paradigms and critical debates around social work and ideas of wellbeing, globalisation, risk and vulnerability, and the natural environment. The second part goes on to explore how diverse understandings of culture, identity, spirituality and health require different strategies for meeting health and wellbeing needs. The final part presents a variety of examples of social work research in relation to health and wellbeing with specific populations, including mental health. Exploring how structural inequality, oppression and stigma can impact upon people, and drawing upon a social model of health, this book is an important read for all practitioners and researchers interested in social work, public health and social inclusion.

Social work practice in healthcare advanced approaches and emerging trends

Social work practice in healthcare : advanced approaches and emerging trends

by Karen M. Allen, William J. Spitzer

callnumbericon HV 687.5 U5 S67 2016     ED-61835

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE, [2016

Summary:     This pragmatic and comprehensive book helps readers develop the knowledge, skills and values necessary for effective health care social work practice, as well as an understanding of the technological, social, political, ethical and financial factors affecting contemporary patient care. Packed with case studies and exercises, the book emphasizes the importance of being attentive to both patient and organizational needs, covers emerging trends in health care policy and delivery, provides extensive discussion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and addresses social work practice across the continuum of care.

Taking sides clashing views in gender

Taking sides : clashing views in gender

by Elizabeth Schroeder

 HQ 1075.5 U6 T34 2016       ED-61842

Edition: 7th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: [New York] : Mcgraw-Hill Education, [2015]

Summary:     The book takes a leap forward in looking at gender in a far more diverse way than ever before, acknowledging the plethora of interactions and life that takes place in the world of the gender binary (male and female), while introducing readers to the unique social, emotional, and legal issues of transgender people. This book contains dynamic points of view, separated into challenging, often contentious questions. This book outline has changed substantially, with new questions and selections for debating some of the most interesting, contentious topics relating to gender today. Unit openers and issue introductions have been revised accordingly, along with a new Exploring the Issue section at the end of each issue. The book will push learners to look at gender in ways you may never have before. You will be asked to accept the reality that we are not a world of men and women, but of men, women, and transgender people. You will need to consider how you feel about the rights and responsibilities people have based on their gender, in terms of workplace, family, and social interactions. You will be encouraged to go beyond your comfort zone and examine how debating these issues makes you fell, and whether you are movable at all in your points of view. – Preface

Taking sides clashing views in health and society

Taking sides : clashing views in health and society

by Eileen L. Daniel

callnumbericon RA 776.9 T35 2013       ED-61843

Edition: 11th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: [New York] : McGraw Hill, [2013]

Summary:       This book is divided into six units containing related issues. Each issue is preceded by an Introduction, which sets the stage for debate, gives historical background on the subject, provides learning outcomes, and provides a context for the controversy. Each issue concludes with further exploration of the issue, which offers a summary of the debate and some concluding observations and suggests further readings on the subject. The summary also raises further points, since most of the issues have more than two sides. The book is a tool to encourage critical thought on important health issues. Readers should not feel confined to the views expressed in the selections. Some readers may see important points on both sides of an issue and may construct for themselves a new and creative approach, which may incorporate the best of both sides or provide an entirely new vantage for understanding. – Preface

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