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Annual editions drugs society and behavior

Annual editions : drugs, society, and behavior, 29/e

by Mary H. Maguire; Clifford Garoupa

callnumbericon HV 5825 A56 2014     ED-61717

Edition: 29th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: [New York] : McGraw-Hill, [2014]

Summary:     The articles contained in this Annual editions are a collection of issues and perspectives designed to provide the reader with a framework for examining current drug-related issues and facts. The book is designed to offer students something to think about and something with which to think. It is a unique collection of materials of interest to the casual as well as the serious student of drug-related social phenomena. The book also contains a number features that are designed to make the volume user-friendly. These include a table of contents with abstracts that summarize each article, a topic guide to help locate articles on specific individuals or subjects, Learning Outcomes, Critical Thinking questions, and Internet References for each article that can be used to further explore the topics, and help students better understand what they have read. – Preface

Choices in relationships an introduction to marriage and the family

Choices in relationships : an introduction to marriage and the family

by David Knox; Caroline Schacht

callnumbericon HQ 10 K56 2016       ED-61736

Edition: 12th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Boston, MA : Cengage Learning, [2016]

Summary:     Built on the idea that the right choice is an informed choice, Knox and Schacht's CHOICES IN RELATIONSHIPS equips readers with the knowledge and confidence they need to make wise decisions for a lifetime of positive relationships. By applying the book's concepts and participating in exercises such as self-assessments, readers will learn how to approach every intimate relationship with the freedom and responsibility that accompany their choices. They will be encouraged to explore the tradeoffs involved with choices, learn how to view situations in a positive light, and understand how not making a choice is really a choice after all.

Early years nutrition and healthy weight

Early years nutrition and healthy weight

by Laura Stewart; Joyce Thompson

callnumbericon  RJ 206 E28 2015     ED-61754

Language: English  

Publisher: Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell, 2015

Summary:     Early Years Nutrition and Healthy Weight focuses on the early years of childhood as a key period in which eating and exercise habits are formed. Combining current evidence with practical advice, an international group of health specialists advise on the avoidance and management of childhood obesity. They look at key risk areas such as early sedentary behaviour, parental influences and underlying medical causes, and also investigate practical interventions including advice during pregnancy, parenting strategies, and prevention during pre-school and the early school years. This practical handbook contains vital information and advice for all nutritionists and dietitians working with young children and families. It will also be a valuable text for health visitors, paediatricians and general practitioners, and students of nutrition and dietetics specialising in paediatric nutrition.

Evaluating improvement and implementation for health

Evaluating improvement and implementation for health

by John Øvretveit

callnumbericon RA 399 A1 O97 2014       ED-61761

Language: English  

Publisher: Maidenhead, Berkshire, England : Open University Press/McGraw-Hill Education, 2014

Summary:     "Evaluating Improvement and Implementation for Health describes modern evaluation methods in healthcare and policymaking, and challenges some of the assumptions of the evidence based healthcare movement: Are innovations always an improvement? - Are they always worth it? - Can they be implemented? - More importantly, should they be implemented? These are questions with practical consequences and questions which evaluation can answer - if we choose the right methods. This book will help you do just that - match the right evaluation method to the questions being asked. Pragmatic, even-handed and accessible, Evaluating Improvement and Implementation for Health provides an overview of the many different evaluation perspectives and methods used in the health sector. Suitable for health practitioners, managers, policy advisers, and researchers, its practical and multidisciplinary approach shows how to ensure that evaluation results in action"--Publisher's description.

Implementation monitoring process evaluation

Implementation monitoring & process evaluation

by Ruth P. Saunders

callnumbericon RA 440.4 S28 2016       ED-61521

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE, [2016]

Summary:     This book examines the topic comprehensively through four phases: implementation planning; planning for implementation monitoring; carrying out the implementation monitoring plan; and summarizing, reporting and using the results. The book aims to develop students' skills in program evaluation, specifically in implementation monitoring. An extended case study of a health education program working with teenage girls is referred to throughout the book, providing a useful example appropriate to courses in education, health promotion, social work, public policy, or community studies. A "Your Turn" feature in each chapter helps the reader apply the material to their own area of study. The book will be ideal as a primary text for an implementation monitoring course or as a supplemental text in a broader program evaluation course.

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