Educational Foundations

The best teacher in you how to accelerate learning and change lives

The best teacher in you how to accelerate learning and change lives

by Robert E Quinn; et al

callnumbericon  LB 1025.3 Q56 2014       ED-61728

Language: English  

Publisher: San Francisco : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, [2014]

Summary:     What does teaching look like at its very best? How are great teachers able to ignite a love of learning and change students lives? In this book you'll learn from seven remarkable teachers who stretch beyond the conventional foundations of good teaching to transform their classrooms into exciting, dynamic places where teachers and students cocreate the learning experience. Based on six years of extensive work, the book outlines a framework that identifies four dimensions of effective teaching and learning that are integrated in these highly effective teachers classrooms and that all teachers can use to recognize and release the potential in themselves and their students.

The Big questions a short introduction to philosophy

The Big questions : a short introduction to philosophy

by Robert C. Solomon; Kathleen Marie Higgins

callnumbericon BD 21 S64 2014       ED-61730

Edition: 9th international ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Australia : Wadsworth Cengage Learning, [2014]

Summary:     Covers philosophy's central ideas in an approachable manner. This title helps you explore timeless "big questions" about the self, God, justice, and other meaningful topics, gaining the context you need for an understanding of the foundational issues, as well as the confidence to establish your own informed positions on these "big questions."

Boosting all childrens social and emotional brain power life transforming activities

Boosting all children's social and emotional brain power : life transforming activities

by Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin

callnumbericon BF 723 P8 B43 2014       ED-61732

Language: English  

Publisher: Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin, [2014]

Summary:     Because children's brains are still developing during the K-12 years, educators can positively influence students' development, including strengthening the essential skills of empathy, self-management and problem-solving. Most social skill training groups involve a top-down process where adults teach young people what they should do. But the over-generalized, one-size-fits-all approach to social and problem-solving skills leads to a mental disconnect for students. Unsurprisingly, the fact that many young people often find such material to be boring or irrelevant to their own lives provides a significant roadblock to understanding and retention. Dr. Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, one of the world's leading experts on children and brain development, shares award-winning techniques that connect with students' lives and concerns. Readers will find: * A research-based approach refined through ongoing work in public schools * Classroom exercises grouped by age, but adaptable for all grade levels * Lively, thought-provoking activities that relate to students' lives and keep them engaged and interested * Valuable content for anti-bullying initiatives and counseling programs * Strategies that positively shape individual students' emotional development, classroom dynamics, and overall school culture

Changing play play media and commercial culture from the 1950s to the present day

Changing play : play, media and commercial culture from the 1950s to the present day

by Jackie Marsh; Julia C. Bishop

callnumbericon GV 1200 M25 2014       ED-61544

Language: English  

Publisher: Maidenhead, Berkshire, England : Open University Press, 2014

Summary:     The aim of this book is to offer an informed account of changes in the nature of the relationship between play, media and commercial culture in England through an analysis of play in the 1950s/60s and the present day.

Childhood voyages in development

Childhood : voyages in development

by Spencer A. Rathus

callnumbericon HQ 767.9 R376 2014         ED-61612

Edition: 5th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Belmont, CA : Wadsworth Cencage Learning, [2014]

Summary:     Spencer A. Rathus provides a hands-on approach in the chronologically organized CHILDHOOD: VOYAGES IN DEVELOPMENT, Fifth Edition, helping you understand the links between developmental theories and research--and their application to everyday life. Using his proven pedagogical approach, interspersed with personal and humorous stories, Rathus makes reading and studying an enjoyable process of discovery.

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