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Handbook of social and emotional learning research and practice

Handbook of social and emotional learning : research and practice

by Joseph A. Durlak; Celene E. Domitrovich; Roger P. Weissberg; Thomas P. Gullotta; James P. Comer

callnumbericon  LB 1072 H36 2015       ED-61638

Language: English  

Publisher: New York : The Guilford Press, 2015

Summary:     The burgeoning multidisciplinary field of social and emotional learning now has a comprehensive and definitive handbook covering all aspects of research, practice, and policy. The prominent editors and contributors describe state-of-the-art intervention and prevention programs designed to build students' skills for managing emotions, showing concern for others, making responsible decisions, and forming positive relationships.- From back cover.

The handbook of the study of play

The handbook of the study of play

by James E Johnson; Scott G. Eberle; Thomas S. Henricks; David Kuschner

callnumbericon  B 105 P54 H36 2015       ED-61688 v.1         ED-61689 v.2

Language: English  

Publisher: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015]

Summary:     The Handbook of the Study of Play brings together in two volumes thinkers whose diverse interests at the leading edge of scholarship and practice define the current field. Because play is an activity that humans have shared across time, place, and culture and in their personal developmental timelines-and because this behavior stretches deep into the evolutionary past-no single discipline can lay claim to exclusive rights to study the subject. Thus this handbook features the thinking of evolutionary psychologists; ethologists and biologists; neuroscientists; developmental psychologists; psychotherapists and play therapists; historians; sociologists and anthropologists; cultural psychologists; philosophers; theorists of music, performance, and dance; specialists in learning and language acquisition; and playground designers. Together, but out of their varied understandings, the incisive contributions to The Handbook take on vital questions of educational policy, of literacy, of fitness, of the role of play in brain development, of spontaneity and pleasure, of well-being and happiness, of fairness, and of the fuller realization of the self. These volumes also comprise an intellectual history, retrospective looks at the great thinkers who have made possible the modern study of play.

Hip hop genius remixing high school education

Hip hop genius : remixing high school education

by Sam Seidel

callnumbericon LB 1072 H36 2015     ED-61640

Language: English  

Publisher: Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield Education, [2011]

Summary:     Many educators already know that hip-hop can be a powerful tool for engaging students. But can hip-hop save our schools? In Hip Hop Genius, Sam Seidel introduces an iteration of hip-hop education that goes far beyond the usual approach of studying rap music as classroom content and looks instead at deeply honoring the knowledge of urban students. Seidel lays out a vision for how hip-hop's genius-the resourceful creativity and swagger that took it from a local phenomenon to a global force-can lead to a fundamental remix of the way we think of teaching, school design, and leadership. Through stories about the professional rapper who founded the first hip-hop high school and the aspiring artists currently enrolled there, Hip Hop Genius invites readers to think outside the (boom)box about what hip-hop education can mean and to consider the implications that a broader definition of hip-hop education could have on their teaching and learning experiences. This book is for all of the educators in need of new solutions and all the hip-hop heads who know hip-hop is far more than music. It is for everyone who refuses to watch brilliant young people slip through the cracks and is down to take action.

Human behavior and crisis management

Human behavior and crisis management

by Jesster P. Eduardo; Carlito R. Panganoron, Jr.

callnumbericon Fil BF 121 E37 2015       ED-61568

Language: English  

Publisher: Quezon City : Wiseman's Book Trading, Inc., [2009]

Summary:     This manuscript wishes to provide essential ideas and concepts about human behavior relative to criminology profession. The obligatory character of this reading material lies on the fact that it is within the bounds of CMO 21, Series of 2005. This book covers thoughts inclined with doctrine that is instrumental to criminologist candidates. This book was painstakingly completed to set forth the basic principles and ideas about Human Behavior and Crisis Management as one of the major subjects for criminology course. Furthermore, this topic comprises part of the 15% in the Criminology Licensure Examination under Criminal Sociology area in relation to Republic Act 6506, An Act Creating the Board of Examiners for Criminology in the Philippines and Other Purposes. This reference is especially designed for criminology students and criminology reviewees for them to familiarize the fundamental matters regarding behavior and its relationship to crime, factors affecting human behavior, underlying theories on behavior and basic models relative to crisis and emergency. However, after the appraisal of this book, readers are profoundly encouraged to apply and share this to other individuals for the benefit of extending assistance in minimizing crime if prevention is untenable.

Introduction to comparative and international education

Introduction to comparative and international education

by Jennifer Marshall

callnumbericon LB 43 M37 2014       ED-61785

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE, 2014

Summary:     Introducing key themes surrounding globalization and education, this volume provides students with a nuanced and critical examination of important debates, thinkers and sources of information, which includes a range of international case studies.

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