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Choosing success

Choosing success

by Rhonda Holt Atkinson; Debbie Guice Longman

callnumbericon  LB 2343.32 A85 2016       ED-61737

Edition: 2nd ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Education, 2016

Summary:     Choosing Success focuses on how good decision-making skills determine success in all aspects of life. From study skills to money management, Choosing Success applies active and service learning techniques as well as the 5C decision-making model to prepare students for success. By incorporating a decision-making focus into every chapter, Choosing Success emphasizes accountability and conveys to students how important they are in their own success. Students do not merely become successful, but rather they choose to be successful. Choice starts with the decision to acquire a secondary education, and from then on everything students do is based on their decision-making skills. The more they practice good decision making, the more control they have over their successes and failures. Choosing Success is unique in that it provides students with a process for decision making as well as numerous opportunities to think through the choices and decisions they face as a college student-and beyond.

Classroom behaviour a practical guide to effective teaching behaviour management and colleague support

Classroom behaviour : a practical guide to effective teaching, behaviour management and colleague support

by Bill Rogers

callnumbericon LB 3013 R66 2015       ED-61739

Edition: 4th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE, 2015

Summary:     This exciting new edition of the best-selling and beloved teacher's companion looks at the everyday behaviour issues facing teachers working in today's classrooms. Describing real situations and dilemmas, Bill Rogers provides theoretically sound strategies and best practices to support you in meeting the challenges of the job, as well as building up a rapport with both students and colleagues to enable positive and productive learning environments. Written jargon-free in Bill's accessible and empathetic voice it includes in-depth strategies, practical examples, case studies and pragmatic hints and tips to put in to practice. This will make for informative and inspiring reading to all those involved in educating our children and young people. The new edition has been revised and updated and now also includes access to an interactive website packed with a host of extra material to take you further.

Classroom management creating positive learning environment

Classroom management : creating positive learning environment

by Gordon Lyons; Margot Ford; June Slee

callnumbericon LB 3013 L96 2014       ED-61613

Edition: 4th ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia : Cengage Learning Australia, [2014]

Summary:     Classroom Management 4E empowers you to develop an individual classroom management plan that suits your professional philosophy and teaching style. It introduces the Lyford model, a framework that illustrates the many elements of successful classroom management. Using the Lyford model as a scaffold, the authors: - compare and contrast the main theories and models that currently inform practice in Australian classrooms; - explore key practices for creating positive learning environments that will engage students and reduce the chance of disruptions; and - discuss a range of intervention strategies to consider when faced with challenging student behaviours. As you work towards developing your own individual approach to classroom management, engaging stories from early-career teachers help you to apply the concepts to real-life situations. A new chapter on contemporary issues in classroom management keeps you up to date with a wide range of topics that impact upon today's learning environments.

Creative teaching for all in the box out of the box and off the walls

Creative teaching for all : in the box, out of the box, and off the walls

by Jack Zevin

callnumbericon LB 1025.3 Z48 2013         ED-61620

Language: English  

Publisher: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2013]

Summary:     "Read Creative Teaching for All as an antidote to rapidly growing pressures for quick and easy teacher results, and constant evaluations. Employ creative ideas to resist teaching to the (usually factual) test, and to the many choking rules, standards, cores, and state regulations that strangle motivation and destroy experimentation. Reclaim teacher control of curriculum design and instructional methods across all fields by boldly going 'outside', even off the walls, where teachers have lived happier lives before the invention of rubrics and rules. Become the truly creative teacher to which you have aspired! Highlights of the book: explores and expands opportunities for engaging student conversation and ideas; adds variety and depth to your teaching methods; hone questioning and critical thinking skills; move from lower to higher levels; and reinvent instruction at home, work, or in classrooms as places of imagination and enjoyment."--Publisher's description.

Creativity in primary education

Creativity in primary education

by Anthony Wilson

 callnumbericon LB 1062 C74 2015       ED-61621

Edition: 3rd ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE/LearningMatters, [2015]

Summary:     Primary trainees need an understanding of the role creativity plays in learning and teaching to enable them to be creative practitioners themselves, and to develop creativity in their pupils. The third edition of this popular text retains key material, but it has been updated and revised to include four new chapters. Newly examined is the theme of the creative curriculum, supporting trainees to see how effective curriculum design can enhance creative teaching. Other new chapters explore language acquisition and the global context, helping trainees to widen their approach. The book is linked to the Standards and the new National Curriculum.

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