Human behavior and crisis management

Human behavior and crisis management

by Jesster P. Eduardo; Carlito R. Panganoron, Jr.

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Language: English  

Publisher: Quezon City : Wiseman's Book Trading, Inc., [2009]

Summary:     This manuscript wishes to provide essential ideas and concepts about human behavior relative to criminology profession. The obligatory character of this reading material lies on the fact that it is within the bounds of CMO 21, Series of 2005. This book covers thoughts inclined with doctrine that is instrumental to criminologist candidates. This book was painstakingly completed to set forth the basic principles and ideas about Human Behavior and Crisis Management as one of the major subjects for criminology course. Furthermore, this topic comprises part of the 15% in the Criminology Licensure Examination under Criminal Sociology area in relation to Republic Act 6506, An Act Creating the Board of Examiners for Criminology in the Philippines and Other Purposes. This reference is especially designed for criminology students and criminology reviewees for them to familiarize the fundamental matters regarding behavior and its relationship to crime, factors affecting human behavior, underlying theories on behavior and basic models relative to crisis and emergency. However, after the appraisal of this book, readers are profoundly encouraged to apply and share this to other individuals for the benefit of extending assistance in minimizing crime if prevention is untenable.

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