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The art and design teachers handbook 4 2017

The art and design teacher's handbook

by Susie Hodge

callnumbericon  N 363 H63 2010       ED-61685

Language: English  

Publisher: London : Bloomsbury, 2010

Summary:     This is the ultimate art and design teacher's handbook; with guidance on planning lessons, inspiring creativity and imagination in pupils and getting great results. This comprehensive handbook provides art teachers with practical advice on: planning effective lessons; developing imaginative ideas for teaching art across the age ranges; developing students' creative, technical and critical skills; and, preparing students for coursework and exams. This book is a must for all secondary art and design teachers, whether still in training, newly qualified or experienced. Each title in the new "Handbooks Series" is a comprehensive guide to preparing to teach, teaching with confidence and making the most of assessment in secondary schools. Each handbook contains practical advice for teachers, from working with Teaching Assistants to guidance on continued professional development, as well as plenty of strategies for making lessons stimulating, cross-curricular and fun!

The art of writing about art 4 2017

The art of writing about art

by Suzanne Hudson; Nancy Noonan-Morrissey

callnumbericon  N 7475 H83 2015       ED-61720

Edition: 2nd ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Stamford, CT : Cengage Learning, [2015]

Summary:     THE ART OF WRITING ABOUT ART serves as a quick reference for students writing various types of essays, research papers, exhibition reviews, and even examinations. The premise of the book is that students in all disciplines, not just English, should be required to write well and that their instructors should hold these writing assignments to high standards. THE ART OF WRITING ABOUT ART not only emphasizes skills in college-level composition, but also in verbalizing the experience of art -- the historical, social, economic, and political forces that shape art and artists; art theory; and the interplay between artist and viewer.

Creative cartooning 4 2017

Creative cartooning

by Tim Van de Vall

callnumbericon  NC 1320 V36 2014       ED-61619

Language: English  

Publisher: Irvine, CA : Walter Foster Publishing, [2014]

Summary:     The latest addition to the Artist's Library series, Creative Cartooning is a must-have resource for beginning and intermediate artists who want to develop expertise in the art of cartoon drawing. With its contemporary approach to an ever popular and continually evolving art form, Creative Cartooning is an easy-to-use, pencil-drawing guide that offers cartoonists and cartoon-artists-in-training a range of essential information to get started--from providing an overview of the basic tools and materials and directions for understanding character construction, to learning how to use a drawing pencil to express emotions, render gestures, and add personality. Creative Cartooning provides a comprehensive approach to learning the basics, including drawing different body types and head shapes; mastering facial features; rendering hands, feet, props, and costumes; and much more. Plus, artists of all skill levels will find it easy to navigate through this book thanks to straightforward instruction and myriad step-by-step drawing projects featuring a variety of cartoon and illustration styles, including quirky characters, funny animals, talking objects, and more. Creative Cartooning is filled with fun, as well as inspiration, artist tips, and helpful drawing techniques, making it the perfect resource for learning to draw polished, professional-looking cartoons. Subject matter includes: Basic Cartooning Techniques; Mastering Heads, Bodies, Hands and Feet; Drawing Facial Features and Expressions; Rendering Gestures; and Cartooning Animals and Unique Characters.

Foundations of art and design 4 2017

Foundations of art and design

by Lois Fichner-Rathus

callnumbericon  N 7430.5 F51 2015       ED-61768

Edition: 2nd ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: Stamford, CT : Cengage Learning, [2015]

Summary:     Packed with hundreds of examples of classic and contemporary art, FOUNDATIONS OF ART AND DESIGN, 2E delivers a comprehensive guide to basic design that provides the ideal foundation to design principles. Appealing to readers at every ability level, the text's logical and structured organization moves from micro to macro topics, enabling learners to build on ideas and concepts of design and better understand the material. A running glossary defines key terms in the margins of the text, while two Visual Glossaries at the end of the book focus on styles and mediums. In addition, new "Theory and Practice" boxes help readers more deeply analyze artwork, and "Artists on Art" boxes offer insight from professional artists.

Teaching art to young children 4 2017

Teaching art to young children

by Rob Barnes

callnumbericon  N 365 G7 B37 2015      ED-61675

Edition: 3rd ed.

Language: English  

Publisher: London : Routledge, 2015

Summary:     This fully updated third edition of Rob Barnes' classic text blends practical ideas with sound principles of art education. Teachers and students teachers will find a range of ideas and tried and tested classroom examples; whilst for those looking for firm principles of art teaching and 'best practice' this book presents many important issues in art education with clarity and insight. -- From back cover.

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